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Ekangala, Bronkhorstspruit


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About Us

Our History.

MBS Transport is owned by a husband and wife team Mervin and Gillian Shkaidy.

The two managing members started the business in 2005 with just one truck in Bethal, Mpumalanga. At the time Mervin single-handedly managed the businesses fleet, including all mechanic repairs with just two assistants. Gillian managed all finances and administration duties. The business was based in Mpumalanga from 2007 – 2011 and then moved to the present location in Bronkhorstspruit. MBS Transport’s fleet increased from a mere 3 trucks in 2007 to 25 by 2010 and has continued to grow.

MBS Transport obtained a contract from HCI Coal, the Palesa mine located just outside of Bronkhorstspruit. MBS also contracted trucks with Eskom to load coal from Palesa and deliver to Grootvlei Power Station (Eskom).

MBS Transport is 100% (BEE) black owned with a staff of over 120 people. MBS Transport’s head office and depot is located 20 kilometres outside of Bronkhorstspruit on the R568 to Kwa Mhlanga.

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We do not compromise on safety standards.

Our commitment to excellence

Exceptional: You can count on us to deliver above expectations.
Positive: We are consistently positively orientated.
Efficiency: We apply the most productive methods to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of outcomes.
Teamwork: We support each other to achieve the best outcome for customers and MBS.
Committed: We display our commitment by walking the extra mile.
Safety and Compliance: Safety is paramount in all we do. We will not compromise on safety standards.
Reliable: We are recognised for consistent performance and quality.

Our vision

  • To improve the quality of life through entrepreneurial upliftment
  • To create sustainable initiatives that will create economic wealth within the company
  • To be respected as an emerging South African Black logistics company

Our mission

Transport subscribes to an integrated developmental strategy. Strategy is therefore, much more than a buzzword for us. All our activities are geared towards adding value and increasing the bottom line for clients. We provide our clients with sound transportation and logistical solutions in the form of products and services.

Our Objectives

At MBS transport we…

  • Uphold human dignity and respect.
  • Follow entrepreneurial, innovative, pragmatic and value.
  • Focused approach to business.
  • Value honsesty and integrity in business conduct.
  • Believe development of our company’s human capital.
  • Value customer driven service excellence, professionalism and efficiency in everything we do.
  • Ensure that there is a transfer of skilles to employees.
  • Conduct business in a manner that is responsible to the environment and society as a whole.
  • Are courteous and considerate to clients at all times.
  • Use state if the art methods and technologies in the execution of every project in order to improve results.
  • Encourage innovative thinking and new ideas to keep abreast of the fast changing environment.
  • The prevention of truck hijacking in the MBS Transport fleet; and sees to it that all trucking units are in working condition; Determines possible hotspots for hijacking
  • The prevention of road accidents in the fleet; attends to accident scenes; accident investigations and reconstruction of accidents
  • The prevention of any loss towards the company
  • Recovery of hi-jacked vehicles in the company; all our units are fitted by Car Track
  • Spot checks on routes and trucks are done by controllers on a daily basis
  • Fleet damage control is done on a daily basis through our workshop, check and grease system

We maintain a 100% report on our Safety file. (See last report)

  • Safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance to both our clients and our Company.
  • Training & Development (See diploma’s attached of training/courses given in 2016)
  • Driver’s training – Regent Insurance provides our driver’s with ongoing training ( See attached)
  • DriveRisk and Fleetboard provides training to our driver’s regarding driver behaviour
  • Mercedes Benz provides training to our driver’s on how to drive a Mercedes truck

Safety and efficiency are of utmost importance to both our clients and our company.
We employ highly trained and knowledgeable on-site supervisors who ensure:

  • A healthy and continuous working relationship
  • Smoother operations
  • Efficient service levels
  • Minimum delays
  • Maintain high standards in employee selection
  • A safe working environment
  • Initial and ongoing safety training
  • Eliminate unsafe acts through corrective action
  • Abide by Company safety policies and procedures
  • Adhere to Federal, State, and Local safety, health and environmental regulations and acts.
  • Insist on a commitment to safety from all employees
  • Manage and work with a commitment to safety which will contribute to the improved efficiencies of our operations and ensure future success and continued prosperity of our company, employees, customers, and communities.

Driver Training

MBS Transport has a permanent in-house driver trainer who is experienced and accredited. Our drivers receive defensive training from Pinnacle Academy, appointed by our insurer Regent Insurance and Fleetboard. Our drivers also receive basic firefighting, first aid and HIV/Aids training.

Workshop Training

Processes are in place to accredit the majority of our senior mechanics, through a section 18 at the Department of Labour in Olifantsfontein. In-house training is provided and consists of tyre life preservation, lifespan, tyre pressure and more.

Computer Training

Fleetboard Advance provides training to our trackers and fleet controllers. Our admin, operations, workshop and cleaning staff also receive computer training from SEESA.

SEESA: Our employees receive on-going training courses such as, Occupational Health & Safety, Labour Law in the workplace, Junior management and Supervisor development and B-BBEE.

SAMREC: Trains our employees as Health and Safety Representatives and provides training on Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Social Development

One of the most important factors to MBS Transport is social upliftment.

As a company we donate 5% of our profits to the following institutions:

How we care for our employees

  • We have a Canteen on-site that provides healthy food at a low cost for staff
  • The Canteen provides breakfast and lunch on a daily basis
  • We have showers on-site when workshop and drivers change shifts

Our employees are sent on training on a regular basis to develop their skills and to build their portfolio. We have a staff bus that provides daily transportation at a very low cost for staff who live in Pretoria and Ekangala.

MBS Transport currently provides food twice a day to all staff on duty at a low cost. Nutritional dishes are freshly prepared so that staff do not need to buy food from street vendors/kitchens. This ensures that staff receive healthy meals at an affordable price . These healthy meals prevent sick absenteeism as the staff know where and how their food is prepared. Visitors and clients are also serviced daily from the canteen.

How we care for our fleet

MBS Transport is a 24/7 operations company. We have a full fitted workshop, washbay, tyrebay, trailer section and panelshop.

Our workshop consists of four departments namely:

  1. Tyrebay
  2. Panelshop
  3. Trailerbay
  4. Service bay

We strive to keep all of our vehicles in the best condition possible to ensure that our service to our customers is not influenced in any way. We do most of our own repairs and in this matter we cut costs as well as create job opportunities.

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Caltex is our diesel supplier and they provide diesel to our depot. We use an average of 8 000 litres of diesel per day which is stored in three 23 000 litre diesel tanks in a bunded area on the depot. We refuel from our main supplier as required.

Outsourced security 24/7. In-house security checks are completed.

Cleanliness is a major boost for the company’s image. It is a good marketing tool when businesses/corporates wish to deal with us. On average we wash 8 trucks per shift with 3 staff per shift. Our water runs through a filtration system which is in line with the Water Management Act.